Instructions for Submitting a Safety Report

Whatever your role, (manufacturer, health care professional, researcher, public health official, or concerned citizen), when you submit a safety report through this Portal, you make a vital contribution to the safety of Liberia’s medicines and other products that touch us all.


If you are a concerned citizen and you have a report to make about a problem with a medicine please use the form on this page. Please send your name and email address then include any information in the message box about your concern.  If you have information about anyone that you think may be harmed by a medicine or if you or someone else you know took a medicine and experienced an unexpected problem, please send in your report. 


To submit an Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Report, download and complete the form at the link below, then upload the completed form to the Safety Report Portal on this webpage.  Please also provide your email address and include a message as needed along with your completed form.

Submit Your Form After Filling It