LMHRA Inspectorate Department Conducts Rigorous Inspection of Pharmacies & Medicines Stores Across Montserrado

To Rid Counters & Warehouses Of Substandard & Falsified Medicines:

As part of its mandate area to rid the society of Substandard, Falsified and Counterfeit Medicines and Health Products, the Inspectorate Department under the auspices of the Post Market Surveillance Unit of the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), is conducting an Intensive and Rigorous 10-days unannounced inspection of all Pharmacies and Medicine Stores across Montserrado County.

The inspection is geared towards ensuring that medicines on various counters and warehouses of pharmacies and medicine stores are compliant with the LMHRA standards and regulations.

Also, the process is further geared towards ensuring that medicines sold to the public/citizens or inhabitants of Liberia by these pharmaceutical outlets are registered with the LMHRA and also meets all requirements and policies as set out by the Act establishing the LMHRA.

The Inspectorate team is also ensuring that these pharmacies and medicines stores are legally registered with the LMHRA and as well compliant with the Pharmacy Board of Liberia.

LMHRA has a mandate to “protect the public from the harmful effects of Substandard and Falsified (SF) Medicines and Health Products” coupled with “ensuring that, in the national medicine supply system, only safe, effective, and good quality medicines reach the Liberian public, promulgate regulations to fight illegal trade in medicines, including counterfeit and adulterated medicines and health products and fair trade practices.” Hence, the LMHRA remained unwavering in enforcing established guidelines and regulations to attain its goals and objectives.