OVERVIEW The Inspectorate and Post Market Surveillance Department is one of the four technical departments of the LMHRA with the responsibility to inspect all medicines and health products in line with LMHRA’s regulations and guidelines; Post Market Surveillance activities; manage pharmaceutical wastes through incineration; and register and license Premises (Whole sale Pharmacies/ Cosmetics shops).

This Department comprises of five (5) units and is headed by a Director, the Inspector General, who is a pharmacist. He is assisted by a Deputy Inspector General, also a pharmacist, with several managers who head the various units within the Department: Post Market Surveillance Unit, Pharmaceutical Waste Management Unit, Port Inspection Unit, and Premise Licensing Unit & Regional County Offices. The Department has six (6) pharmacists, two (2) pharmacy technicians, 34 surveillance officers, 19 intelligence officers, one (1) accounts officer and one (1) office assistant

Pharmacist Teedoh E. Beyslow, Sr. currently serves as the Director of the Inspectorate & Post-Market Surveillance Department for the Authority.

Pharm. Beyslow previously worked with many health programs as Pharmacy Technician and subsequently as Pharmacist, including, but not limited to: Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccine in Liberia (PREVAIL) – PREVAIL-I (Ebola Vaccine Clinical Trail); PREVAIL-II (ZMapp Drug Clinical Trail); PREVAIL-III (Ebola Natural History Study); PREVAIL-IV (GS-5437 Drug Clinical Trail); PREVAIL-V/PREVAC (Vaccines Clinical Trail).

He has represented the Agency and made presentations at several fora highlighting the Authority activities and achievements.

He graduated from the University of Liberia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Bachelors of Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy, University of Liberia. He went on to obtain certificates in the following areas: Introduction to Principles and Practice of Clinical Research, The National Institute of Health Clinical Center; Protecting Human Research Participants, The National Institute of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research; Good Clinical Practices, NIDA Clinical Trail Network; Cold Chain Principles and Procedures, PREVAIL; PREVAIL-IV Protocol Training, PREVAIL; PREVAIL-I Vaccine Trail, PREVAIL; PREVAIL-I Amendment Training, PREVAIL; Certificate on Aseptic Technique, Partnership for Research on Ebola Vaccine (PREVAIL).

Pharmacist Teedoh E. Beyslow, Sr. is a candidate for M.Sc. in Epidemiology, Cuttington Graduate School and Professional Studies, Liberia. He is married with children.

Dr. Thomas B. L. Kokulo is the current Deputy Director (Deputy Inspector General) for Inspectorate, Post Market Surveillance and Head of Premise Licensing of the Liberia Medicines & Health products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA). Dr. Thomas B. L. Kokulo is a practicing Liberian Pharmacist with five years of experience in pharmaceutical services both in the private and public sector locally and internationally. Dr. Kokulo, before ascending to the current position of LMHRA Deputy Inspector General, has served in several positions at the Authority such as: Pharmaceutical Products Dossiers Assessor in the Department of Evaluation and Registration, the Scientific & Research Officer on Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance at the LMHRA, the M&E Focal Person for the WA-MRH Projects and as well a Member of the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) for the West African Integrated Vectors Management WA-IVM for West Africa and the regional level. In 2005, Dr. Kokulo served as a Hospital Pharmacist at the Liberia’s biggest referrer hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center where he was engaged with clinical practice.  

Dr. Thomas B. L. Kokulo, in February 2020, obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) from the College of Pharmacy, University of Benin in Nigeria. Dr. Kokulo is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy, University of Liberia where he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy (BPharm) in 2015. In 2009, he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology as a Major and Chemistry as Minor from the Thomas J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology, University of Liberia. Dr. Kokulo has bagged several professional training certificates in the areas of Clinical Trials, Good Manufacturing Practice, Pharmacovigilance, Oncology Pharmacy, Marketing Authorization, Pharmaceutical Products Dossiers Assessment, etc.

Post Market Surveillance unit
  • Coordinates the monitoring of the quality of medicines and health products in circulation to ensure public health safety;
  • Collaborates with the Quality Control Laboratory;
  • Monitors the storage facilities of importers, wholesalers, distributors, hospitals and clinics;
  • Issues alert, recall and deal with potentially defective medicines and health products.
Pharmaceutical Waste Management Unit
  • Makes calls to Pharmaceutical entities to inquire about expired and damaged pharmaceutical products or wastes
  • Visits pharmaceutical entities who accumulate pharmaceutical waste and do quantification
  • Prepares bill(s) and write said pharmaceutical entity for payment
  • After payment is made, collects the wastes and transport said to the disposal site for temporary storage
  • Implement pharmaceutical waste disposal (Incineration)
port inspection Unit
  • Conducts Port Inspection and collection of samples
  • Submits samples for Premarket analysis
  • Release products for circulation if cleared by QC Lab
  • Quarantines questionable products
  • Conducts Routine Inspections
Premise Licensing Unit
  • Responsible for the issuance of premise registration forms to superintendent Pharmacists
  • Receives and processes documents for premise registration
  • Coordinates Pre and Post inspection of premises
  • Premise Inspection